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Midtown Auto Service, auto mechanic Houston, car repair shop, Oil change and filter, auto radiator, fuel injection service, engine computer scan, power steering, mid town, downtown, medical center, Houston, TX  

About Midtown Auto Service & Repair Shop

Ever since we opened our doors, we've been providing quality automotive service to our customers. We take pride in hiring the most qualified technicians, offering the fairest prices to our customers, and utilizing the best in automotive technology and services to fix or maintain your vehicle. As stated earlier, we are a Texas Approved AAA Auto Repair Facility in Houston. Also, we are an Independent Auto Care/Repair Factory Dealer Service Center for AC Delco in Houston, with ASE Certified Technicians. Recognized by the state of Texas, Midtown Auto Service & Repair is licenced to issue auto inspections on all types of vehicles.

Being a State Recognized Emmission Repair Facility we offer low income waivers, low milage waivers, individual vehicle waivers, to everyone who failed their state / emmission inspections. Also, some of our services include, auto engine diagnostics, auto engine repair, auto engine misfires, auto check engine light on, auto overheating problems, auto emissions failures, auto drivability issues, brakes,alignments,complete exhaust repairs,tire balancing & rotations, timing belts, waterpumps, auto electrical troubleshooting, doors & windows, oil changes,shocks/struts,A/C work,state inspections and much much more.

We have been featured in magazines and newspapers such as Everybody in Texas, The Houston Chronicle, Undercar Digest, Auto Inc. Magazine, Tech Shop Magazine and Automotive Report. These magazines were contacted by other auto repair shop owners and customers who reported us worthy as a featured story. Midtown Auto Service is honored by these recognitions of these auto technical trade magazines and newspapers. Which is considered a great achievement from our peers and the good citizens of Houston.

Also, Citysearch has awarded Midtown Auto Service as Best Auto Repair Shop 2006-2007. Citysearch awarded us with a plaque, "Best Auto Repair 2006 - Audience Winner." In 2007, Citysearch again awarded us with two rewards, "Best Auto Repair 2007 - Audience Winner & Editorial Winner." Thus, making Midtown Auto Service the only auto service care facility in Houston, Texas to win two years in a row by Citysearch.

In addition, Midtown Auto Service have won other coveted national recognitions, such as, "Yahoo 2005 Best & Trusted Auto Care Facility" and by "The Local Newspaper - The Best Auto Service 2006." We are also listed in a national radio broadcast, "Car Talk" as listed as a good repair shop to visit in Houston in their "houston mechanics file."Also, Mikey, the owner of Midtown Auto Service in Houston, has done in the past "question and answer about car talk" on "Houston News Channel 2". In addittion, Midtown Auto Service in Houston, has been featured in, "Houston News Channel 11" and "Houston News Channel 39"aboutcomplexcar and safety issues.

Come and try us out and see the difference, we are conveniently located between the downtown & medical center, also known as Midtown.

In conclusion, we service all foreign, domestic and most european cars. In addition, we take checks and all 4 major credit cards,( checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, & American Express)

Car Care Tip of the day

Driving down the highway, my automotive / car pulls to one side. Houston,Tx

A steady steering pull or "lead" to one side may have any of a number of causes. The most likely cause is wheel misalignment. This may be due to rear wheel toe or axle misalignment, front wheel camber misalignment, too much cross camber or caster alignment (more than a degree of difference side to side), or someone having "aligned" the front wheels without the steering wheel being properly centered beforehand. In any event, it will probably be necessary to have the alignment checked to diagnose and correct the problem -- unless one of the following is causing the pull: An underinflated front tire on one side. Check tire pressures and make sure they are the same side-to-side (no more than a couple of pounds of difference). Mismatched tires. Tires of different size, aspect ratio or even tread pattern on one side can create enough of a difference in rolling resistance to cause a pull. A weak or sagging spring. Measure and compare ride height on both sides of your vehicle (measure at the fender openings). If one side is an inch or more lower than the other side, chances are you have a spring that needs to be shimmed or replaced. A dragging brake. This can be caused by a frozen or sticking disc brake caliper that doesnt allow the pads to kick back out from the rotor or weak or broken return springs in a drum brake that dont pull the shoes back from the drum. Another possibility here might be a packing brake that isnt fully releasing on one side. An uneven load. If you, your significant other or a passenger is causing your vehicle to lean to one side, it can cause the steering to lead in that direction. Dont laugh, a few hundred extra pounds can make a big difference in a small vehicle -- especially if the weight isnt evenly distributed side-to-side. If you cant do anything about the extra weight, it is often possible to compensate by having the wheels realigned with a "simulated" load positioned in the vehicle. Of course, then your vehicle may lead in the opposite direction if the extra weight is removed. Excessive road crown. Roads are usually sloped (crowned) from the center towards the sides for drainage. If you spend a lot of time driving on highly crowned roads and find the constant lead to the outside shoulder annoying, you can have the wheels realigned to compensate for the excessive crown. Adding or subtracting camber from one wheel or the other to create a difference in the cross camber alignment of your front wheels can counteract this kind of problem.
Featured Testimonial

Although I was cringing when Mikey explained my oil leak was a little worse than I thought, he explained everything that needed to be done in great details. He also explained items I could do, but weren't immediately necessary. The work was well done and on time. After the repair I drove to Florida - twice in 2 weeks. A great job!

-There is no better & fairer in Houston.
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